Joint Preservation Centre of BC, British Columbia, Canada


Welcome to JPC

The Joint Preservation Centre of BC is Canada’s premier innovator in providing integrative care for those with early arthritis or at risk of developing arthritis due to injury from physical activity for whom joint replacement is not yet indicated.

The Centre’s objectives in realizing its mission are to:

  • Become nationally recognized as a Centre of Excellence for Joint Preservation and Cartilage Restoration;
  • Deliver patient-focused, one-stop care that removes barriers and improves access to care;
  • Reduce costs and wait times;
  • Integrate clinical and research programs to provide data on economic and clinical outcomes on joint preservation surgery;
  • Partner with basic scientists at UBC and the biotech industry to develop improved, cost-effective options for joint preservation;
  • Educate patients and healthcare providers to improve the understanding and treatment of joint preservation;
  • Train physicians and surgeons in innovative therapies and techniques for joint preservation.